Abstract paintings,sculpture by Mirko Cavalli.

Abstract paintings,abstract art.

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Contemporary abstract Paintings and Sculptures  by

Mirko Cavalli



The last idea of space is the highest effort of our throught.Painting, with its constant research, is now arrived to the last idea of space the abstract. Mirko Cavalli has a particular vision of art: he makes of it a narration of is nature, using an irresistible creative impetuosity, his great and personal use of colour enables him to realize phantasmagoric compositions.The dynamism of his art forces the onlooker to involve himself in abstract paintings.Mirko Cavalli's art is also the result of his spiritual maturation.His contacts with eastern philosophies and eastern cultures have increased his desire to communicate with the use of colours.Here in ltaly, on the tranquillity of his land, he is now trying to find the way to eo on with his personal research.What memory has in common with art is the opportunity of choice and the taste of peculiarity.The truthfulness of art lies in the sum of every part of it;and this truthfulness has its peak on an exact and complete vision, the only one that can satisfy our desires.

Marcello Ferrari.
Art Director by Gallery Fine art FERRARI.(Italy)











Abstract paintings.




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